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"More data, more transparency, instant reconciliation."

- A true O&G story.

Our Strengths, Your Numbers:







Our clients have for over 30 years. We continue to guide revenue out of the labyrinth and into pocket faster and more accurately than anyone in the game. From regional trading outfits to billion dollar multinationals, it's in our wheelhouse. Because we insist relationships come first. It's how we do business, our way. And it's why our client's best interests are always right at home with us.


And right in hand.

Behind every book,
a name.

Earning trust is an uphill climb. IBERIA packs for the summit. Pride is a pillar of heritage we share with our clients. You can't build the industry's most coveted reputation for reliability without it. Confidence isn't just something we own. It's the legacy we live by. It's the reason we still speak "extra-mile." And it's why we don't just keep books at IBERIA - we keep names.

the field of Pay.


With Iberia’s back office at your six, it’s never been easier to finish first. Our ultra reliable automatic reconciliation system chews through big data like the well-oiled machines you rely on, day in and day out. And our conflict proven team of diagnostic professionals are always on watch, so you can bet the only thing standing between you and your next check, is a login.


Trade up.
Deal down.


Keep the ball rolling on your first purchaser legacy with Iberia's rock solid reconciliation system. Led by a dream-team staff of seasoned industry vets with decades of experience, the Iberia protocol ensures your check runs sprint flawlessly from book to bank in record time. Every time.

Easy Street.


Stay ahead of the revenue curve with turn-key tech that turns on a dime. Iberia's proven automatic reconciliation system navigates unpredictable stakeholder expectations on the fly so you can stop pumping the brakes on profit and start punching tickets to payday in the fast lane. And our equally nimble support staff are available 24/7, so you’re never left rolling solo. 


Get the
Royalty Treatment.


Move to the front of the line with a tech platform that serves up checks on a silver platter. Iberia's instant reconciliation system is your automated ace-in-the-hole that guarantees a winner's seat at the payday guessing game, month after month. And with white-glove support available 24/7, it's never been easier to cash in on cashing out what's yours.

The Liquid Gold Standard

Revenue Management

Crude Oil Transaction History

Ticket Data

Ticket Pricing

Run Statements

Division Orders


Check or ACH Payment Processing

Positive Pay and Cleared Check Reconciliation

Voided Checks

Severance Tax

Filing and paying of severance and all production-related taxes

US Federal and all US States

Amended Returns and Refunds

Comprehensive Reporting

Unclaimed Property

Working & Royalty Owner Relations

Contact direct line

Mailing address

Key instructions for online registration

Key instructions for ACH and links

Say Hello,
to Goodbye:

Iberia transforms back office tedium into opportunities our clients can depend on. Systemic inefficiencies, skyrocketing personnel costs, tax penalties, tech antiquation, an unending parade of interest inquiries - it's really what our clients lose that sets us, and them apart.


It's us. We helped write the book on O&G process reconciliation in the 90s. And we've been balancing best sellers from Houston ever since. Our 15 year average tenure is a testament to the innovative practices we craft to tackle our client's evolving challenges head on. And in 30 some odd years, there isn't anything we haven't seen, or fixed. Just ask.


We'd love to tell you in person.

Erik Hollingshead


Erik brings a unique wealth of diversified operational expertise to the business of systems management. Texas native and proud NSW veteran from Coronado Island, California, you could say he’s familiar with a tough job done right. From partner to chief executive, his dedication to Iberia and its clients is steadfast. And with generational investments in its people, technology and principles, Erik has positioned Iberia to lead the oil and gas reconciliation sector into the next decade, and beyond. He currently resides in Sugar Land, Texas with his wife and children.

Chris Dulin


Chris began his career in accounting with Deloitte in 2005. In 2013 he took a giant leap and launched his own firm, Dulin Hassett PC, in partnership with a colleague. His firm served small and medium sized businesses and their owners as an outsourced team of CFOs. Chris’s clients thrived - combined, they grew by hundreds of millions in revenues and hundreds in employee headcount. In 2021, he sold his successful firm to work for his favorite client full time. He lives in Boerne, TX with his wife and three children.

Melissa Fontana


L'Tanya Richmond



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