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What you need, when you need it. Find answers to frequently asked questions, downloadable forms, contacts and more.

  • What is the current mailing address and fax number?
    Iberia Management Systems 4888 Loop Central Drive, Ste 505 Houston, TX 77081 Phone: 713-629-4490 Fax: 713-629-6643
  • How do I reach the Division Order/Revenue department?
    Royalty Relations Hotline: 713-629-4490 (Option 2) Royalty Relations Email: Please include the following information in all written correspondence: Name Owner Number Owner SSN/TIN Company issuing payment Your telephone number
  • How do I change my address?
    Please complete an Owner Update form below OR send a written and signed letter to us with your name, owner number and the last 4 of your SSN/TIN for account verification. For your protection, we do not accept address changes by telephone. *OWNER UPDATE FORMS are being updated. Please email to obtain your form until the update is complete.
  • Can I set up Direct Deposit?
    To setup a new direct deposit, or update existing banking information, please complete an Owner Update form below. Selecting Direct Deposit will prevent lost, stolen or mail-delayed checks. It is safe and secure. *OWNER UPDATE FORMS are being updated. Please email to obtain your form until the update is complete. *PLEASE NOTE: VOC Brazos does not offer Direct Deposit at this time. When it’s available, we will notify the owners.
  • Where is my 1099?
    1099 Forms are mailed via United States Postal Service at the end of January. To receive a replacement or PDF copy, you may create an account by clicking "Login" on our homepage to print a PDF copy, or you may email with the following information: Owner Name Owner Number Last 4 digits of SSN or TIN *PLEASE NOTE: A 1099 Form will NOT be issued if the following has occurred: *You are a corporation (we are not required to issue a 1099 Form to Corporations per the IRS). *Royalty Owner with revenue less than $10 annually. *Working Interest Owner with revenue less than $600 annually.
  • How do I complete a Division Order I received in the mail?
    A Division Order is a non-binding directive signed by the Interest Owner verifying to the Purchaser or Operator of a well the decimal interest of production owned by the owner. It also provides the owner’s remittance address and taxpayer identification. The Interest Owner should sign the Division Order and have a Witness sign as well.
  • Who can sign as a Witness on a Division Order?
    A family member, friend or neighbor. It does not need to be notarized.
  • What do I do if an interest owner is deceased?
    Title to real property owned by the deceased party passes one of two ways - either by testate succession or intestate succession. Testate is with a Last Will & Testament that has been/will be Probated. Intestate is without a Will, or the Will is not being Probated. In the absence of a Will or if the Will has not been Probated, title to real property passes according to the Laws of Descent and Distribution for the State in which the well(s) are located, and not the state of residence. Depending on the circumstances, the documentation we must be provided is as follows: Testate Succession (With a Probated Will) Copy of Death Certificate Probated Last Will and Testament, and Certificate of filing containing Probate Case No. from Probate Court Order Admitting Will to Probate and Issuance of Letters Testamentary naming Executor of the Estate Final Decree of Distribution/Final Judgment and/or Determination of Heirship issued by the court (if applicable). Furnish Address and SSN/TIN for each party inheriting Intestate Succession (Without a Probated Will) Copy of Death Certificate Affidavit of Heirship (Must be recorded in County/Parish where property/well is located) *Signature of Affiants must be notarized Copy of Unprobated Last Will & Testament (if applicable) Furnish Address and SSN/TIN for each surviving heir listed on the form *PLEASE NOTE: All Testate and Intestate documents provided are subject to review. Additional information may be required after our initial review. All heirship and conveyance documents must be filed of record in the County/Parish where the property is located to maintain record title. We CANNOT accept Affidavit of Heirship forms completed by direct family members to the decedent. The form must be completed by a friend, acquaintance, neighbor, minister, etc., who knew the decedent well and is acquainted with the facts of the family history.
  • How do I transfer my interest to another party?
    We issue revenue in accordance with record title. If you wish to transfer your interest to another party, please provide a recorded conveyance instrument (i.e., Quit Claim Deed, Mineral Deed, Warranty Deed, etc.) evidencing the transfer of interest. The conveyance instrument must be filed of record in the county where the property is located. If you have any questions concerning a transfer of interest, we advise that you consult with an oil & gas attorney. Trusts: When a Trust is created, we require copies of the Trust Agreement OR Memorandum of Trust, and a recorded conveyance into the Trust. Probated Last Will and Testament, and Certificate of filing containing Probate Case No. from Probate Court When a Trust is dissolved, we will need a copy of the Dissolution of Trust or other appropriate recorded conveyance. Changes in Trustee: Instrument whereby the successor trustee was appointed, and the duties allowed.
  • How do I change my name on my account?
    We require written documentation to change the name associated with your account. The following documentation is required, depending on the circumstances surrounding the name change: Marriage or divorce: Submit a copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree including Settlement Agreement, or other pertinent document evidencing the name change. Company or corporation changes name or merges: Submit a copy of the Certificate of Name Change or Certificate of Merger. Other circumstances: Power of Attorney: Provide our office with a copy of the Power of Attorney document appointing Attorney-in-Fact. A Power of Attorney becomes null and void at the death of the principal. Guardianships: When an owner is declared incompetent, furnish Letters of Guardianship issued by the court. Minors: When a minor reached the legal age, please provide a copy of the minor’s Birth Certificate. Termination of Joint Tenancy Upon Death: Furnish a copy of the Death Certificate and the social security number of the new owner. Life Tenant: Also referred to as a “Life Estate”. When an owner of a Life Estate dies, we will need a copy of the Death Certificate and the names, addresses and social security numbers of the remaindermen.
  • When are royalty checks mailed?
    Checks are mailed on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, checks will be issued the next business day. Checks will not be issued until a minimum of $50.00 has accrued in your account.
  • What should I do if I did not receive my check?
    Due to potential postal delays, a revenue check may arrive a few days late on occasion. If you have not received a check within 10 business days from the date of issue, please contact our office so the check can be voided and reissued on the next pay cycle.
  • What if my check is lost, stolen, or becomes outdated?
    Contact Royalty Relations at to request payment if your check has been lost, stolen, or outdated. Please have the following information ready: Your Name and Owner Number Your SSN or TIN Check information, if available (date, check number and amount)
  • Why does my payment differ from others in my family?
    This occurs because ownership between family members is not equal, because one party has not provided us with a TIN/SSN, or because some family members may own an interest in other properties in addition to those commonly owned.
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