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Iberia Management Systems, Inc. (Iberia) is a third party service provider that specializes in oil and gas revenue distribution and division order services. Customer has contracted with Iberia to distribute the revenue for crude oil purchases made by Customer. The primary focus of Iberia’s services is to collect purchase information, price those purchases and distribute the revenue for those purchases to the interest owners and taxing authorities.
1992 – Strong credit, no bankruptcies, 2 organizations due to partnership changes
Our team has an average of 30 years of experience in oil and gas revenue reporting, distribution and royalty management. The average tenure of the Iberia staff is 15 years. We have smoothly navigated rapid growth, massive acquisitions and bankruptcies (see SemGroup 2008) for our clients and their customers. I mention tenure as a first point for Iberia due to the relational nature of the OG industry. Your clients become our clients and our relationships become yours. We believe it is important to keep the same team together as long as possible and our management has proven successful in that regard.
Iberia provides turn-key first purchaser reporting and land management solutions for oil producers and purchasers. Our customers write the contracts, provide us with the details and we execute – setting up your operators and owners for pay, checking for tax exemptions, completing revenue dispersal, and filing the appropriate reports with each state office. We are capable handling and have experience in reporting with every major oil producing state. We do not currently handle offshore or gas contracts, but we can execute on that as well if we are provided the necessary lead time.
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